Drag For Kids


A workshop for children

with Drag Queens / art / performances / fairytales / glitter / feathers / tulles / stars

Featured Works

Our first event took place on 13/01/19 in Athens and was hosted by Fluffy Library (https://www.facebook.com/FluffyLibrary), an installation by queer artist Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou at Atopos CVC. The attendees were children of preschool and school age (4-9yrs old) and their minders. The drag queens were trained in Attachment Theory principles by Atossa for 3months before workshop, in order to be able to approach children in an empathetic way  and understand the needs of ther developmental stage, their attachment type and how to connect with them. For more info, check our «PRESS» section.

Drag For Kids has been hosted at the MACBA Museum of Contemporary Art at Barcelona, Spain, on 12-14/2/2020 for a 3-day workshop for adult post-graduate students, as part of the PIGS Self-Management program. There, we presented our logistics of how to build a workshop for children, using drag as a tool. For more info, check our «PRESS» section.

Host Us

If you want to host us in your kids-friendly space, feel free to contact us!

Work With Us

Drag For Kids is always open to collaborations with artists that will frame the workshop with their art. If you are a plastic artist, musician, drag queen, photographer, writer, etc and you’re interested in working with us, feel free to contact us!